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The Author and Curator Daniel Comp is the Author and Curator of 'Leaving Scotomaville'. Daniel believes; "The greatest expedition you'll ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding." He's a respected husband, father, entrepreneur and US Navy Veteran. He's demonstrated decades of sacrificial commitment to human achievement by working with solo-preneurs and challenged business owners using core principles of perseverance and resourcefulness.

Angelina is the wife of a highly functioning Asperger (me) and co-founder alongside me of Intelligent Netware. She founded MOMtrepreneurs in 1990, is a former TV/Radio show host, and the first woman awarded twice by the Small Business Administration. She is the founder of Wellness by Choice and creator of the Enterprising Women's Project. She's overcome domestic violence, a traumatic brain injury and PTSD.

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The Book, Video Series and Platform 'Scotomaville' is an integrated video series and print guidebook that couples with an online support and training platform. Participants can watch the 'edu-tainment' videos on YouTube, read through the full color book and click-through to interact with the author and other participants in group forums, and in private 1-on-1 support sessions.

the Scotomaville Book

Our thoughts and imaginations are the only real limits to our possibilities.
Ralph Waldo Trine



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Bucknell University Asperger Video Modeling

Video modeling is an effective method of learning across Bucknell University for personal transformation. When likable characters relate heartfelt frustrations, discover unwanted character traits, and demonstrate practical tools that change false belie.

Bucknell University Self-reflection Guide

Full-time Airstreaming is a dream for many people. Using this stage, and looking inward to understand what is happening, Daniel and Angelina demonstrate self-care and self-reflection over four years to incrementally build a strong marriage, partnersh...

Bucknell University Veteran Author Daniel Comp

As the Author and Curator of ‘Scotomaville’, I believe; “The greatest expedition you’ll ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding”. This is because a successful expedition is not simply about discovering new lands, but in seeing with new ey...

Bucknell University Veteran Expeditions

A Scotomaville ‘Personal Everest’ is a self-designed journey with a purpose. Each expedition is peer and author supported. Participants mature by overcoming unplanned challenges, and recognizing abundant provision following the observation of William...

Bucknell University Veteran Service Reviews

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” Helen Keller...

Bucknell University Veterans Recovery Program

Storytelling is a human super-power. Unfortunately, cognitive bias prepares us as targets for those that aim to leverage our ignorance. The good news is that there is a way out of the tangled thinking we fall for. The story we tell our-self turns out...

Bucknell University Veterans Self-help Series

We start most adventures with more energy, and far less knowledge. We usually get fired up like a Fiat 500, unaware of the challenges ahead. We think the adventure is all about discovering new lands, unaware that it is all about seeing with new eyes....

About Daniel Comp

A brief introduction to the Author and Curator of Scotomaville with video episodes that demonstrate his commitment for personal development in Bucknell University...

My Mind's Wellness for Bucknell University

This is the Scotomaville feature in the upcoming 365 spot book on mental wellness entitled My Mind's Wellness. Learn about scotomas and a cognitive bias cheat sheet developed by Buster Benson. You can live well in Bucknell University with an understand.

Self-Reflection Training Certification for Bucknell University

Self-Reflection combined with video modeling is a promising behavioral intervention that has myriad applications. It is an evidence-based strategy that is effective across ages and populations. The Scotomaville Self-Reflection Training and Certificat...

Video Modeling Training Certification for Bucknell University

The Scotomaville Video Modeling Training and Certification Program for Bucknell University is a supplemental tool for therapists and service providers to guide highly functioning Asperger adults and Bucknell University Aspergians. The program also trans

Why I Created SCOTOMAVILLE for Bucknell University

The journey out of Bucknell University starts with knowing how vulnerable you are and how easily you are bamboozled and duped and hoodwinked and long conned and gamed. There are a dozen ways that local Bucknell University stories and richly tossed emoti