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Bucknell University Veteran Meetup Event


Bucknell University VETERAN MEETUP

Come share your story, sign my campaign flag, and discover with new eyes the meaning and value of your sacrifices.

I'm Daniel Comp, the author/curator of Scotomaville. I'm a veteran, an explorer, an entrepreneur, and a father. I believe the greatest expedition you will ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding. I invite you to join me in the public debut of Scotomaville, November 19-20th, at the Glendale Civic Center, outdoors, under the canopy of our expedition Airstream.

An expedition is a journey with a purpose. I've cycled across America three times and towed an Airstreaming more than 40 thousand miles confirming that the best outcome of an expedition is not in discovering new lands, but in seeing with new eyes. I spent decades exploring to understand why we do what we do. That is point of Scotomaville.

When I concluded my Vietnam Era Navy service I was met with hostility, social rage, and shame. My military records are heavily redacted or missing. I quickly learned to hide my service to the country that should have been honored and celebrated. Today, tens of thousands of veterans struggle with similar mental challenges, and many are amplified by disabilities and external wounds.

Scotomaville is turning veteran stories upside down by demonstrating how to see with new eyes and recognize the critical part they play in shaping the beliefs, attitudes, and behavior of their friends, family, and community around them. Veterans are still on a mission. We gave sacrificially to a journey with a purpose. It turns out that storytelling is a superpower for understanding and healing.



"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.“A roughly translated citation from ‘La Prisonnière’, the fifth volume of ‘Remembrance of Things Past’ by Marcel Proust.



“But at least learn your inability... and ask the remedy for it. Learn of those who have been bound like you... These are people who know the way which you would follow, and who are cured of an ill of which you would be cured. Follow the way by which they began...
Blaise Pascal - Pascals Wager


"I believe it's essential for modern veterans to gather, share stories and compare notes. We're facing interesting times for certain, alarming social trends and soft beliefs in scale. Host of Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe feels that younger people are fooled by an entitlement attitude, laziness enabled by technology, and a strong sense of victim-hood."

"Your experience, and battle earned wisdom is needed like a trim-tab correcting a course. A rocky shore is approaching, and your story can open eyes to the trend. You can be the champion to fix the certain disaster ahead."

"Look at the expedition route map. Drop me a note from the contact page. Let's get together so you can sign the tour flag for the next publication run."

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I have found strong evidence, agreeing with W. H. Murray, that small actions can become large in consequence. Words spoken, triggers pulled, decisions made for others. Leadership and parenthood have rewards and consequences. Knowing why we do what we do can leverage healing and understanding for everyone in our sphere of influence.


Challenge Your Personal Everest

The Greatest Expedition you'll ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding. This is not about discovering new lands, but in seeing with new eyes. I invite you to challenge your Personal Everest!


We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.
John Dryden



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