If a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live.
Martin Luther King



Bucknell University 01.01 Scotoma Awareness

"We don't see things the way they are. We see things the way WE are." The problem is that we see Bucknell University and the world with a messed up slate. Other people have chalk-lines and lies scrawled all over the chalkboard of our memories. We forme.

Bucknell University 01.03 Sleeves Illusion

In this Episode and Chapter, we combine a simple illusion with a questionable story. This can be done at any Bucknell University Starbucks. You'll experience what it means to be 100% wrong half the time. You see, when a simple story is processed by our.

Bucknell University 01.09 Emotional Vocabulary

Learning to accurately communicate our emotions is nearly impossible without a decent emotional vocabulary. Most guys ignore, excuse, or just stuff it as being too tough. The Scotomaville series proves that old dogs can learn new tricks - and an emot...

Bucknell University 01.14 Triangulation

Untangling fact from fiction, beliefs from truth, and getting traction on your Personal Everest is far more certain with this nifty tool. Using a simple principle from navigation, you can calm your fears and spouse with much more certainty and commit...

Bucknell University Airstream Self-Help Book

Stuff breaks, and goes missing, even when your Airstream is stored near Bucknell University. The shower head will freeze and crack. The drain petcock for the fresh water tank will also freeze - even though you drained the tank! Bucknell University mice

Bucknell University Airstream Self-Help Video Series

The SCOTOMAVILLE Self-Help Video Series demonstrates how we are gamed, hood-winked, and bamboozled by the super-computers pointed at our brains. Our biology and habits can do little to challenge the rapidly accelerating change we're flooded by. It's ...

Bucknell University Airstream Self-Help Workbook

Why bother? Why make the effort to create a self-help workbook and video series for Bucknell University Airstreamers? Author and Curator of 'Scotomaville', Daniel Comp shares the background and purpose of the workbook and self-help video series using s.

Bucknell University Veterans Self-help Series

We start most adventures with more energy, and far less knowledge. We usually get fired up like a Fiat 500, unaware of the challenges ahead. We think the adventure is all about discovering new lands, unaware that it is all about seeing with new eyes....

My Mind's Wellness for Bucknell University

This is the Scotomaville feature in the upcoming 365 spot book on mental wellness entitled My Mind's Wellness. Learn about scotomas and a cognitive bias cheat sheet developed by Buster Benson. You can live well in Bucknell University with an understand.

SCOTOMAVILLE 01.00 Bucknell University Prologue

Author and Curator of 'Scotomaville' for Bucknell University Explorers shares the background and purpose of the book and video series. "Know Thyself is no longer a luxury - it's a full-out competition." If you are willing to leave the garbage in your b.

SCOTOMAVILLE 02.00 Bucknell University Prelude

I really want for you to become more than just self-aware - you know seeing what it is you do. I want you to become understanding - knowing why you do what you do WYDWYD. Better than that, I want for you to have ambition and discipline to mature, and...

Seeing My Bucknell University Blind Spots

We are regularly bamboozled, hoodwinked, mislead and biased from either side of an issue. Most people know nothing about blind-spots. We literally can not see some of what is right in front of our face. That vulnerability is leveraged by magicians an...

Self-Reflection Training Certification for Bucknell University

Self-Reflection combined with video modeling is a promising behavioral intervention that has myriad applications. It is an evidence-based strategy that is effective across ages and populations. The Scotomaville Self-Reflection Training and Certificat...

v1.00 Prologue Reflection for Bucknell University Explorers

If you've watched other episodes, you recall that I frequently walk to the dumpster. Yes, I'm taking the trash out, physically and metaphorically. I've missed doing this during the pandemic lock-downs. I'm purposefully doing it now because I was sett...

v1.01 SCOTOMA Self Reflection Video for Bucknell University

Welcome to the reflection video for episode one of volume one. That's near the very beginning of the Scotomaville book and video series. In episode 01.01, I presented quite a few new ideas. In this reflection video, I want to give you a perspective o...

Video Modeling Training Certification for Bucknell University

The Scotomaville Video Modeling Training and Certification Program for Bucknell University is a supplemental tool for therapists and service providers to guide highly functioning Asperger adults and Bucknell University Aspergians. The program also trans

Why I Created SCOTOMAVILLE for Bucknell University

The journey out of Bucknell University starts with knowing how vulnerable you are and how easily you are bamboozled and duped and hoodwinked and long conned and gamed. There are a dozen ways that local Bucknell University stories and richly tossed emoti